ON OFF Earrings

XXL earrings in silver


Introduction to a series of earrings based around the idea of complementary words, reminiscent of the 80s. This decade is a real source of inspiration in terms of colours and shapes, when anything seemed possible.

The Memphis Group

In terms of design, the Memphis group is a powerful example where creativity seems to have been positively unleashed. With Ettore Sottsass at their head, a group of designers created objects and furniture with geometric shapes and covered in vibrant colours.

In this movement there are also the cocoon shapes developed by Gaetano Pesce among others, and the reappearance of materials like foam, cellulose, and felt, which brought together functionality, garish colours and fun! 

In fashion

Extravagance is allowed once again, silhouettes are more structured, shoulders get broader and colours and prints are back in. 

The big names from the period like Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana never hesitate to rewrite the codes. Women are warriors and appear in outfits that mix fantasy and folly, often with oversized proportions. 

Accessories follow the trend and take on a vital roll. They become indispensable and contribute to providing the final touch to an outfit. Clothes and accessories become one whole.

The jewellery is oversized, and the use of resin gives them a touch of colour. They decorate not only wrists, ad necks but also ears.

Turquoise and coral, often mixed together, see their moment of glory. Cuffs are decorated with fantastical colourful stones. Necklaces drape around necks creating a single line with extra long earrings that frame the face. 

Fashion is a game, where nothing is taken too seriously and jewellery really reaches its apogee. It reigns over a light and carefree atmosphere that is far from the strict codes that govern fashion today. Freedom is king, far from judgement. The important thing is to have fun, shouting loud and proud our joie de vivre. 

These earrings with their own message encapsulate this joyous and fun spirit, so what will it be ON or OFF?

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