Letter or number, place your bets!


Inspired by the talisman jewel, the cutting lines and engraving lines give shape to the Casino Ring. Coming from tribal or family traditions, talisman jewelry is credited with soothing, reassuring and "good luck" virtues.

Place your bets !

Who has never bet on their lucky number! We cling to this fetish number, to a symbolic number, which often relates to a date of birth, to a year of meeting, to a significant event. Bet on this wide open ring to bring you the daily dose of luck and comfort.

This Casino sterling silver number ring will be the totem piece of jewelry not to be forgotten every morning, the one that we adopt quickly, that never leaves us and that becomes one with us.

To each his own

Dare to wear the Casino Letter Ring! This sterling silver open ring appeals to both women and men. This unisex ring is elegantly outlined around your favorite letter.

First letter of their first name, that of their half, that of their child… Everyone will find the Casino Letter ring that corresponds to them. It will become precious to you, full of symbols and feelings.

This totem or talisman ring will stand the test of time without going out of style.

Lucky ring, the Casino collection does not hide it. On the contrary ! She exhibits herself in a wide ring to be noticed by some and jealous of others. Simple and graphic, it appeals to all genres.

From A to Z, from 1 to 31, the combinations are numerous. The Casino Letter ring and the Casino Chiffre ring quickly won the hearts of these ladies and gentlemen.

On the way to becoming an emblematic model of the Marc Deloche house, the Casino ring will accompany you in this still unpredictable year 2021. She will give you the weapons to reverse the trend.

Games are made. CASINO rings are unveiled. So WIN BET?

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