Take part in this new adventure!

Vintage Marc Deloche

Step 1

Make your selection

Choose the pieces of jewellery by Marc Deloche that you would like to send back. Drop them off in one of our shops (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse) or send us them in the post.

Step 2

We evaluate your jewellery

We will evaluate your jewellery in our atelier -within two weeks and send you a buy-back offer in the form of a gift card for our E-shop.

Step 3

It’s win-win

Offer accepted! You’ll get your gift card to be used within 3 months on our E-shop. Your pieces of jewellery will be cleaned up and put in our Vintage section or, if that’s not possible, they will be melted down to be created into new pieces.

Step 4

Treat yourself in just 1 click!

Treat yourself to something from our site! Use your gift card and start a new adventure with a brand new piece of jewellery.

Our “Re-belle” movement

Once a “re-belle”,
aways a “re-belle”!

Marc Deloche has always designed and created his jewellery with timelessness in mind, producing pieces that are made to last. The proof, the Marc Deloche collection today brings together more than 900 models of jewellery and accessories in solid silver and 18 carat gold.

The creator has always represented jewellery as a symbol of real values to be passed on and shared. That is why Marc Deloche is taking an environmentally-friendly stand and joining the circular jewellery market with his “Vintage” platform.

“The world of jewellery can also be a responsible one”

Ìn a world where resources are scare and ecology is a key part of our future, it is time to repair and rebuild!

By encouraging you to return the Marc Deloche jewellery that you no longer use, we are inviting you to be part of a virtuous circle. One where forgotten jewellery gets cleaned up in our atelier to be sold on again through our second-hand platform or melted down to become something totally new. Your pieces will be converted into a gift card that you can use throughout our Eshop to buy something new. 

With this action you make the choice of buying better, both ethically and economically.

It’s the same thing for new customers who use our second-hand platform. In buying a pre-owned piece of jewellery in solid silver or 18 carat gold you are choosing an alternative to over- consumption and over-production. You are contributing to a virtuous circle where Vintage jewellery finds an owner to create a new story with. That’s not to mention treating yourself to something you have always dreamed of at a more accessible price.

Our “Re-belle” movement combines the idea of making something beautiful again with taking a real stand. We are committing ourselves to reinventing and breathing new life into your old pieces of jewellery.

It’s a real source of joy for us to evaluate, restore and shine a spotlight on your iconic jewels. It’s the opportunity for us to consume and create differently producing new pieces from the material provided by that jewellery which is too worn out to be restored. We are making the choice of creating durable, ethical, environmentally-friendly jewellery. Are you just like us? Do you have that “Re-belle” spirit?

Join the movement and make a really meaningful impact today!